How to align your product roadmap to adoption AI?

AI has become inevitable. If you already manage customer-facing products that require to involve  AI or internal AI based tools, you will need to ensure your projects are in sync with your business. This means that the AI products you build align with your existing business strategy and deliver value to the business. AI software development is different from traditional projects. AI projects are automating systems that collect and learn from available data to make user-oriented decisions. Building a model requires significant fine tuning and approximation. Organizations need AI adoption into their product roadmap to succeed in implementing the technology across or part their business and  equip their human workforce to work effectively towards it. While you are required to align your product roadmap to adopt AI, here are the 5 things you should keep in mind: Identify “viable” problems: Determining the use case(s) for AI adoption for your business line is a significant step towards AI adoption. Careful study of the problem area and ROI analysis must be performed before delving deep into it. Assess  “uncertainties”: AI technology needs time as its adoption may face significant uncertainties like not reaching acceptable accuracy levels, lack of appropriate data set, etc. This can often lead to  frustration for stakeholders who may want to see immediate results. Planning for such uncertainties will help you draw the timelines diligently. Take an MVP approach: Often due to uncertainties, you should consider a Minimum Viable Approach (MVP) so that results can be show cased to sponsors in the organization is phases to build confidence and consensus. It will also help in early go-to-market. Align Workforce to AI adoption: Skillset required for AI projects may be different from what you already have in your organization. Carefully plan towards sourcing  resources and make them gel with your existing workforce. Building a culture aligned towards AI adoption will go a long way in achieving the goals. Consider you organization’s strengths and weaknesses while updating the roadmap for AI adoption. Sync with the market: While updating roadmap for AI adoption, sync well with the market, client requirements before defining the scope of work. It is very important to do early evaluation as often you end up build models  which may not be appealing to the market. Entire effort and direction invite re-work and added cost, frustration and so on and so forth. Even if AI adoption is for any internal problem solving, still you need to look at the broader aspect to its impact to the market.   AI adoption is not as troublesome as it sounds. However, meticulous planning and clear vision blended with perseverance will win you the game. Remember this for your chalking out your roadmap.    
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