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Delivering the Best Patient Care with Complete IT Solutions

Our team of experienced healthcare software developers offers a full range of custom healthcare software development services to meet the needs of the ever-evolving healthcare industry. We have a proven track record of success in developing and delivering high-quality, scalable, and secure healthcare software solutions.

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Laboratory Management Software

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Enhance your healthcare website’s visibility on Google with SimpleeLab’s advanced affordable medical SEO services. Rank higher, attract patients, and increase brand awareness. Dominate your market and boost hospital growth.

SimpleeLab’s customized social media optimization. Elevate online presence & engagement on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, FB & Instagram. HIPAA-compliant strategies ensure privacy while enhancing patient interactions.

Safeguard your healthcare brand’s online image with our professional reputation management. Monitor, address reviews, enhance patient satisfaction, and cultivate trust through positive content. 

Enhance healthcare outreach with SimpleeLab’s healthcare email marketing. Connect, inform, and engage patients effortlessly. Optimize campaigns for growth and visibility. Elevate your online presence with our expert services. 
We create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a targeted audience. Track metrics such as website traffic, engagement rates, conversion rates, and social media interactions. 
Drive healthcare traffic, conversion and lead growth with SimpleeLabs PPC ad services. Google Ads optimizes keywords to get qualified patients, build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website by measuring results. 


Empowering Healthcare with Tailored EMR Software Solutions: Enhancing Interoperability, Clinical Efficiency, and Patient Engagement.


EHR/EMR Implementation Service

EHR/EMR Implementation Services ensure seamless integration, data migration, and training, optimizing healthcare operations and enhancing patient care through efficient technology adoption and comprehensive support.

EHR/EMR Mobile App Development

EHR/EMR Mobile App Development empowers patients with easy access to records, while streamlining data retrieval, secure communication, and accuracy for efficient healthcare workflows and improved collaboration between providers and patients.

EHR/EMR Integration Services

EHR/EMR Integration Services seamlessly connect disparate healthcare systems, enabling smooth data exchange, interoperability, and streamlined workflows to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.


Revolutionize Pharmacy Operations with Our Expert Software Development Services. Tailored Solutions for Inventory Management, Prescription Processing, and Seamless Patient Interaction.

Pharmacy Software Development

Pharmacy software development involves creating software programs that help pharmacies manage their operations more efficiently. This can include features such as prescription management, patient records, drug interactions, and inventory management. Pharmacy software can also help pharmacies comply with regulations and improve patient safety.

Pharmacy Inventory Management

Pharmacy inventory management involves keeping track of the medications and supplies that a pharmacy has in stock. This includes monitoring inventory levels, ordering new supplies when needed, and ensuring that medications are stored properly. Effective inventory management can help pharmacies avoid stock shortages and reduce waste.

Pharmacy Automation System

A pharmacy automation system is a system that automates various tasks within a pharmacy, such as dispensing medication, counting pills, and labeling prescriptions. These systems can help reduce errors, improve efficiency, and increase patient safety. They can also help pharmacies save time and money by reducing the need for manual labor.



Find the best HIS and practice management software solutions for your healthcare organization to improve your healthcare organization’s efficiency, and enhance patient care coordination and administrative processes seamlessly.

Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Enhance your hospital efficiency with our advanced Hospital Information Systems(HIS), streamlining patient data management, appointment scheduling, billing, and more for improved healthcare delivery.

Practice Management Systems(PMS)

Streamline your medical practice operations using our Practice Management Systems (PMS), designed to simplify appointment scheduling, billing, patient records management, and overall administrative tasks for a more efficient and organized healthcare workflow.

Hospital Case Management Systems

Optimize patient care coordination with our Hospital Case Management Systems, designed to efficiently organize medical cases, collaborate among healthcare teams, and ensure streamlined communication for better treatment outcomes.

HIS & PMS Patient Portal Integration

Experience seamless patient engagement through our HIS & PMS Patient Portal Integration, empowering patients to conveniently schedule appointments, access medical records, settle bills online, and actively participate in their healthcare journey.


Effortlessly integrate and exchange healthcare data with our HL7 Interface Software Solutions, ensuring smooth communication and interoperability between diverse medical systems.

HL7 Software Integration Services
HL7 Software Integration Services
Unlock seamless data flow and interoperability with our HL7 Software Integration Services, enabling efficient communication between diverse healthcare applications and systems for improved data accuracy and streamlined patient care.
HL7 Interface Engine Development
HL7 Interface Engine Development

Powering efficient healthcare data exchange, our HL7 Interface Engine Development services create robust tailored solutions, seamless interoperability, smooth communication, and accurate data transmission across diverse medical systems.

HL7 Third-Party Implementations
HL7 Third-Party Implementations
Expand your healthcare infrastructure with our HL7 third-party implementations, seamlessly integrating external systems, optimizing data sharing, and fostering enhanced collaboration to drive efficiency and accuracy in patient care.
HL7 Mobile Health Applications
HL7 Mobile Health Applications
Transforming healthcare on the go, our HL7 Mobile Health Applications empower patients and providers with secure access to real-time medical data, enabling informed decisions, remote monitoring, and personalized care for better health outcomes.
HL7 Cloud Services
HL7 Cloud Services

We use of cloud-based HL7 solutions to exchange data between healthcare systems. This can be a cost-effective and scalable way to implement HL7 integration, as it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain on-premises hardware and software.

HL7 Data Analytics & Security
HL7 Data Analytics & Security
HL7 Data Analytics harnesses HL7 data for healthcare insights, while HL7 Security protects data, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These essential practices maintain healthcare data integrity and safeguard patient information privacy.

Empower Your Healthcare Organization with the Power of Data​

HL7 interface software solutions can help healthcare organizations to make better decisions by providing them with access to more data.

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What Clients Say

Client Testimonial Pic2
Suryakiran Pattnaik Speciality Clinic

SimpleeLabs' digital marketing services have been a game-changer for my clinic. In just a short time, they've significantly boosted our online presence and engagement. Their content is both informative and captivating, making complex medical topics accessible to our audience. Through their efforts, we've seen a substantial increase in website traffic and social media engagement. Thank you SimpleeLabs.

Client Testimonial Pic3
L. Kartik Narayan Diagnostics

SimpleeLabs has exceeded our expectations with their outstanding software development services tailored for the healthcare industry. Their team's expertise and dedication have resulted in streamlined processes and improved patient care. We highly recommend SimpleeLabs to any healthcare organization seeking top-notch software solutions.

Client Testimonial Pic4
Dr. Shakti Swaroop Foot Ankle Ortho Clinic

SimpleeLabs has truly delivered excellence in web design for my website. Their designs are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, enhancing our online presence and patient engagement. I highly recommend SimpleeLabs for their exceptional web design services tailored to the healthcare sector, specially for Doctors.

Client Testimonial Pic5
Ravi Prasad Bioline Laboratory

SimpleeLabs has revolutionized our laboratory operations with their exceptional Laboratory Management Software. It has streamlined our workflow, improved efficiency, and enhanced data management. We highly recommend SimpleeLabs for their top-notch Laboratory Management Software that has significantly benefited our organization.

Client Testimonial Pic4
Akhilesh Yadav Shine Hospital

SimpleeLabs has delivered the ultimate solution with their Pharmacy Management Software development service. Their tailored approach perfectly aligns with our needs, making prescription management and customer service a breeze. We wholeheartedly recommend SimpleeLabs for their outstanding Pharmacy Management Software development service that has significantly enhanced our pharmacy's operations.

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